About Pet Services

Caring for your pets with dignity.

Haskell Funeral & Cremation Services in Princeville, Wyoming, and Toulon is now offering services to the families in our local communities to serve them in the time of sadness and loss of a beloved pet. 

There are a few options available to you when you choose us to care for your fur-baby. You have the choice to bring your pet to us at our Princeville location or we can go to your home or vets office to receive your pet into our care. We offer the option of private cremation or communal cremation. Private cremation is where your pet, and only your pet is cremated alone and will be returned to you typically within 48-72 hours. Communal cremation is when multiple pets are cremated at once, kept seperate within the cremation chamber, and the return of the ashes may depend on the amount of other communal cremation requests. 

When we take your pet into our care, we will attempt to get their paw or nose print (for cats and dogs). This is something we will give you a copy to keep if we are successful. We offer custom personalized merchandise that their paw and nose prints can be used on, in the pet merchandise tab.

We strive to serve our families in the best possible way by having care and compassion for you and your beloved pets. 


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